Tangshan Mine Park Landscape Gallery


Tangshan Mine Park Landscape Gallery

This project is a landscape corridor connecting the city and the natural landscape, which is the main pedestrian entrance of the scenic area. The design pursues precise and meticulous Linear modeling, exploring the design method based on digital technology, strives for the precise combination of architectural design and structural design to create the appearance effect of floating on the water.

The bridge deck and the upper cover are independent structural supports. The upper cover part is a single-layer steel structure reticulated shell, whose grid corresponds to the GRC components that are mounted externally. Its shape is designed based on nurbs curves, several key curves control the surface, so as to conduct surface division and detailed designing. Pedestrian bridge deck is an ordinary reinforced concrete structure, which plane is not the regular S-shape, and has a cluster of streamlined light bands based on a digital design and irregular point-like concentrated illuminations generated based on the boid model that simulates the animal clusters in nature. Bridge railings also mimic creatures, the structure produces the effects of each different and gradient. The entire bridge deck is combined with the hole formed by the shape of the upper cover to guide the tourists to walk through the indoor and outdoor space. You can experience the effect of a cave-like interior and experience and enjoy the landscape along the river.


人行桥面与上盖部分作为独立的结构体独立支撑。上盖部分为单层钢结构网壳,其格网对应外挂的GRC 构件,其造型是基于nurbs曲线设计而成,由几根关键曲线控制形态曲面,进而进行曲面划分和后续细化。人行桥面为普通钢筋混凝土结构,平面呈不规则的S 形,桥面设有基于数字设计生成的流线型光带和基于对自然界动物集群模拟的boid模型生成的不规则点状集中照明。桥栏杆也模仿生物结构生成每个不同和渐变的效果。整个桥面结合上盖的形体形成的孔洞,引导游人在室内外空间穿行,可以体验洞穴般的室内空间效果,也可体验沿河的亲水景观。

设计团队:东南大学建筑设计研究院有限公司 建筑运算与应用联合教授工作室,李飚,唐芃,李鸿渐,郭翰宸

Southeast University Architectural Design and Research Institute co. LTD, Studio of Architectural Algorithms & Applications, Li Biao, Tang Peng, Li Hongjian, Guo Hanchen