Latest Publications

Urban Site Adaptive Layout Generation: User-Configurable Algorithms Based on MQP
Yujiao Wang, Qian Hu, Peng Tang

Urban design Quadratic Programming Rule-based

SIMForms: A Web-based Application Fusing Forms, Metrics, and Visuals for Early-stage Design
Baizhou Zhang, Yichen Mo, Biao Li, Yanyu Wang, Chao Zhang, Ji Shi

Web-based Urban Design Rule-based Design Support Tool

Construction and Application of Analytic Model for Multi-scale Hierarchical Structure in Historic Residential Areas: Case Study of Hehuatang Historical and Cultural Block in Nanjing
Zhehao Song, Peng Tang, Xiao Wang, Yacheng Song

Urban Design Morphological Analysis Rule-based Historic Areas

Computational generation of building layout under design rules and topology constraints: A case study of primary and secondary school buildings
Yuan Shi

Generative Design Topology Rule-based

Research on Building Layout Generation Design under Multi-Objective Optimization —— A Case Study of Primary and Secondary School Buildings
Dongyun Li

Generative Design Multi-objective Optimization Genetic Algorithm

Digital Application of Typo-morphology in the Conservation and Renewal of Historic Areas
In Proceedings of the 28th CAADRIA Conference - Volume 1, Ahmedabad, 21 March - 23 March 2023, pages 545–554
Zhehao Song, Peng Tang, Yacheng Song

Morphological Analysis Typo-morphology Historic Areas

Case-Based Reasoning Strategy for Urban Morphological Generative Design: A Case Study of Block Scale
Baizhou Zhang, Yichen Mo, Biao Li

Urban Design Case-based Morphological Indicator

Decision Support Tool in the Small-scale and Gradual Working Conservation and Renewal Model of Historic Areas: A Case Study of Hehuatang Historical and Cultural Block in Nanjing
Zhehao Song, Peng Tang, Yacheng Song

Morphological Analysis Design Support Tool Historic Areas

Exploration on the Application of Geometric Prototype and Form Encoding Strategies in the Layout Generation of Commercial Buildings
Baizhou Zhang, Biao Li

Generative Design Rule-based Building Layouts

Research on Optimization Algorithm of parking lot layout based on Integer Programming
He Siyuan, Biao Li

Integer Programming Parking Layouts Generative Design

Pathfinding Methods and Application of a Three-Dimensional Path System in Urban Public Spaces: A Case Study based on the Reconstruction of the Jingshen Salinization
Zhehao Song, Peng Tang, Wei Song, Hao Long

Urban Design Design Support Tool Path-finding Algorithm

λ Decoding - Digital Technology in Protection and Renewel of Historic Area
Peng Tang

Historic Area Protection Renewal Digital Technology